Racking Inspections AS 4084—2012

Don't let this happen to you - Cost effective pallet racking safety inspection service.

Has your Racking Been Inspected in the last 12 months

If your answer to the above is no then you need to call us to have a current Racking safety and compliancy check.  

A warehousing Racking Inspection service that not only gives you an in-depth racking inspection report in line with the Australian Standard 4084-2012 Steel storage racking, but also an easy to understand document highlighting damaged areas.

As per AS 4084—2012 racking inspections reporting process our racking safety services offer a comprehensive, competitive and efficient service.

Pallet racking inspection standards are set by the Australian Standard 4084-2012 Steel storage racking.

Unless you have the time to understand the legislative requirements, and other obligations, you can get confused by pallet racking inspection requirements. 

Well we make it simple. Pallet racking should be inspected and preferably checked independently on an annual basis under the Australian Standard 4084-2012 Steel storage racking. 

Section 8.2 or AS 4084 states:

Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every twelve months.


Rack Inspect can carry out Pallet Racking damage check only or Safety Inspections for Current Compliancy and Safety issues, we cover anywhere in Australia, based in North QLD